School Leaver Employment Support
If moving to work from school is becoming challenging for you, One Stop Support Services is here to connect you with the right employers for you. Our school leaver employment supports will help develop social interaction skills and self-management skills. we will help you start the career of your choice after you leave school.

Our professional support staff will provide you with gaining employment by. arranging individualised skill development activities so that you can achieve your professional goals for your future.

What to Expect from Our School Leaver Employment Supports?
We first assess your pathway towards employment and personalise the support to meet your needs. Then, together with our partnerships in the local community, we have built professional networks to connect you with your ideal employer. And finally, our support staff will help develop the essential capacities you can apply for your new job and get through the interviews.
Skills that Our Staff Will Help You Develop
  • Handling money
  • Time management
  • Effective communication
  • Discovering tasks
  • Gather work experience
  • Becoming job ready
  • Travelling independently
  • Developing personal skills
While assisting you with capacity development, our staff will follow the guidelines as part of compliance.
Why Choose Our School Leaver Employment Support?
  • Our friendly Support Workers will help you with all your employment processes.
  • We use our professional network to connect you with employers.
  • We help you develop the skills that you need to become an employee.
Contact Us to Get Support
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